Building Self-Trust, Self-Connection & Self-Worth as A Leader | Future Females Cape Town

Mon Jan 31, 18:00 - Mon Jan 31, 19:15
Misfits by Ideas Cartel


Creating time for you to work on yourself and your strengths, whatever level of leadership applies to you.

In today's world, everyone is a leader. Whether you run a business, a team, yourself you're constantly called upon to influence others. Leadership is largely about 'influence' and what we know about leadership is that the most effective leaders are highly self-aware.

Our guest speaker, an expert in her field, Shireen Onia - a self-development coach, is here to empower your inner-leader by providing insights on her lived experience as a leader. Shireen wants to deep-dive & deliver the importance of making personal development part of your leadership. Her passion is to motivate, uplift, and encourage women, using her own stories as proof that you too can learn to combat adversity, anxiety, and the effects of everyday life and mental health.

This short workshop will help you to:

  • Gain an awareness of your leadership strengths potential
  • Identify your likely leadership strengths
  • Describe your patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors as a leader
  • Utilize a leadership strategy to help 'power you up' rather than 'power you down'
  • Handle the curve balls that leadership throws at you
  • Strengthen your mental health so that you can lead

We look forward to seeing you there.

Misfit by ideas Cartel will have a Poke Bowl and Mimosa Special, stay tuned for more details.

What is Future Females?

Future Females is a global community of female entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and aspiring entrepreneurs who are taking their careers into their lives, learning the hard skills to grow in business and the soft skills to drive it. Our mission is to accelerate the success of aspiring and existing female entrepreneurs – to provide an environment where females can connect, and access the key resources (mentorship, funding, education) needed to succeed!

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We are pro-women, not anti-men. Men are always welcome! This is an inclusive event.

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