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Lanseria Country Estate


Sundowner Fly fishing Adventures is proud to host our 10th Annual Winter Fly fishing Competition and 2nd Winter Fly fishing Competition at Lanseria Country Estate in the Cradle of humankind. Their are are four qualifying days held on Saturdays in June (4,11,18,25) and fishers will be allowed to fish a maximum of two qualifiers. The ten qualifiers will proceed to the final on 2nd July 2022.

This event caters for novice and experienced fly fishers and offers quality fishing and a fun day out for the whole family.

The three competitor categories are adult men, adult women and juniors.

All fishing is on a catch and release basis.

Competitors must complete and entry form and pay for the entry in order to secure the place.

R150000 worth of prizes including the GRAND PRIZE of 3 night Tiger Fish Package to Sundowner Zambezi Lodge for two people and a tagged fish cash prize.

General info – Rules and Regulations (May have minor amendments)


Entry Rules

·        This is an open competition for individual anglers.

·        Fishing will be lake-style with Rules and flies to create a fair and level 'playing field'.

·        There is no need to belong to any recognised club or association.

·        The competition will be held at Lanseria Country Estate with four qualifying days (4,11,18,25 June 2022) and one day for the finals (2 July 2022)

·        There is a total maximum of 40 competitors with 10 anglers allocated per day over the four days. Each competitor is welcome to fish a max of two the four days qualifying days.

·        Entries will be accepted with on a first come first served (pay) basis.

·        The Entry Fee is R995 per adult. Minimum age of 16 years old. Non- fishing guests are welcome. These fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

·        Entry fee includes coffee and baked snacks on arrival, a mid-morning snack and lunch. Guests are required to pay for any additional drinks, meals, accommodation etc. No alcohol or meals may be brought onto the Lanseria Country Estate property.

·        Registration will commence at 05:15am and beats will be allocated by means of a random draw.

·        All correspondence and enquiries about the competition should be made to Wayne Sinclair at: Sundowner Adventures. Cell: 0834140391 E-mail: [email protected]


Fishing Rules

The Competition will be fished from the side of the fly fishing dams, adhering to regulations and respecting the spirit and tradition of game angling. There may be occasions when the organisers will need to amend the rules for some reason, or local fishery regulations may have to be imposed or the match postponed to a later date; whatever the reason, the match organiser’s decision will be final and binding.

A beat system will be organised by Sundowner Adventure staff and the allocation of beats will be made by means of a random draw. There will be five x 60 min fishing sessions per day. A travel period of 2 min will be allocated to move between beats.


Two rod’s (5-7 weight), not exceeding 10 feet in length, may be used by each competitor. Only one rod may be fished at a time.


Fishing shall be with de-barbed artificial fly only. Tandem flies are allowed. No more than two flies may be mounted on a cast. No bait of any form may be used on a fly.


Fly Size

The overall length of a fly, including dressing when wet, shall measure no more than 6cm’s (including setae, wing, hackle and tail). Attractor chemicals and the use of light emitters to flies are not permitted. Only single hooks permitted on a fly. Strike indicators are allowed. Buoyant flies e.g. "Boobies" etc, may be used in conjunction with non-buoyant flies. Squirmy wormy flies permitted.

Fly lines, leaders & retrieves

Lines, casts and leaders shall not be additionally weighted. Braided leaders, Poly Tips and Poly Leaders are allowed, so long as they do not include any metal content.

A competitor’s rod when working flies or retrieving casts, must be above water level.

Proximity of anglers

Please adhere to the distance applicable to each beat category. No competitor may fish within the specified distance of another fisher unless express permission is given.

Proximity of spectators

No spectators will be permitted within the applicable distance of the competing fisher. No assistance may be given to the competitor by any spectator.




Other match rules and determination of results

Competitors shall not fish before the start of the match and will fish from the bank during the competition. Competitors must not fish during the pre-determined “Time-out’s”. These will be discussed on the day. Any person fishing before the competition commences or during “Time-out’s” will be disqualified.

Accidentally foul hooked fish that are hooked from gill plate to front of head will count toward the total bag weight. Foul hooked fish that are hooked from gill plate to tail will not count.

The individual placing recorded will be decided by:

1)     Total combined length of fish in each category.

2)     In the event of a tie, the decision will be based on the time that the first fish was caught by each angler. A fish caught at 7:15 will take precedent over a fish caught at 7:30.

3)     There will be spot prizes for competitors on each of the four qualifying days.

4)     Taking the best individual scores from all four qualifying comp days, then top 10 anglers will then compete for top 3 positions in the fifth and final day.

Categories comprise of Men and Ladies. No fishers currently representing a National South Africa Fishing team will be permitted to compete in the competition.

All fishing will on a "Catch and Release" basis. Any fish that are injured must please be kept and paid for (R135/Kg).

Fish catches will be measured and recorded by an official and returned to the water. Species and time that fish was caught will be marked on the anglers score card (worn by angler) + bailiffs record sheet. All rules regarding the tagged fish prizes will be communicated prior to and re-confirmed at the pre-comp briefing. Carp & barbel caught must be kept and not released back into the dam as part of the carp eradication project.

Safety and disputes

Competitors should alert a Competition Official should assistance be required.


Officials should be around the dams during the Competition to investigate any incident without delay. Any dispute or complaint must be reported to a Match Official as soon as possible, but not later than after completion of the competition. The Match Organiser will investigate all reported incidents and adjudicate there-on and his decision will be final.


In the event of dangerous weather conditions, or any other circumstances, the Match Organiser may alter the start time and change the hours of fishing to whatever he or the Fishery Management feel is in the best interests of the competitors. This might mean that the match will be postponed and held on a later date. If a match date is to be changed for any reason, competitors will be offered an alternative date. Entry fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 16s
Refund policy No refunds


Lanseria Country Estate
Palamino Drive, Lindley, Lanseria, 1748
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