Conversation - Male Sexuality 14 April 2016

Thu Apr 14, 19:00 - Thu Apr 14, 21:00


open to men and women, is an evening conversation redefining men's sexuality as a source of authentic power, pleasure and healing  – Thursday evening 14 April @ 19:00 by Stephen Tredrea from Cape Town.

Stephen is a coach, counselor, conscious dance facilitator and Tantra practitioner based in Cape Town, South Africa with an interest in expressing unique potential, magnificence and aliveness in daily life.


He takes a sex-positive approach to conscious awakening, working with desire as a gateway to experiencing Divine. He incorporates all techniques and modalities in his workshops to let the participants deal with past traumas, fear/guilt/shame of sexuality, intimacy, relationship, self-acceptance, love and surrender to our innate magnificence.


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Conversation - Male Sexuality 14 April 2016
224 Carinus St, Pretoria, 0103, South Africa
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