PRIVATE AFFAIR: 90's and Early 2000's Hip Hop and R&B Night

Tue Apr 26, 21:00 - Wed Apr 27, 04:00
Slug & Lettuce @ The River Club


We about to take it back, waaaaay back, back into time....

We are throwing it back to the golden age of Hip Hop and R&B, taking it back to a time of house parties, walkman and cassettes. We are going back to a time when you watched videos not DVDs, when it was all about Naughty By Nature, Brandy, MJ and a Tribe Called Quest.

We are bringing you a party that is all about the music we grew up loving, the music that they just don't seem to make any more. The music that made us, who we are. 

So get ready a PRIVATE AFFIAR, it's just going to be you and the best music from the 90' s and 2000's. 

This is a party for the true 90's kids so regrettably no U21's will be allowed.


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