Doc MacLean National Steel "Streamline" Blues Tour

Fri Jan 28, 19:00 - Fri Jan 28, 22:00
Jarr Bar and Restaurant


Join us for a very special evening with Doc MacLean.

"The streamline blues tour - Letting go. How fast the year. Dreamlines smeared on the map. Songlines in the margins. Dealers. And healers. Bruises. This thing we call Blues. I've rolled the bones again. One hundred mostly solo shows: they rip out over the Great Lakes, across Canada, and then return to shadow South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe. No place too large, too small, too grand or too humble. When you roll the bones you can lose your heart, or find it somewhere.

Dust in my blood, I'm pushing back out into the desert. The Great Karoo is calling: and the Kalahari: and then the rest of it. It's healing music, these Blues. But the Blues is also this journey: close to the wire. The hot wire. A journey through life. This place where all things are possible. Or should be. Where stories hang like dust in the air: drawn to the heart by the rattle of the Bones: places where witches still sit by candlelight and chant: "streamline, streamline." - Doc MacLean

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Doc MacLean National Steel "Streamline" Blues Tour
Jarr Bar and Restaurant
102 Ripley St, Weavind Park, Pretoria, 0184
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