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Hi. I’m Aimee.


In June this year, the unthinkable happened… I was falsely doxxed by an online bully who I’ve managed to discover the identity of. For those of you who don’t know what doxxing is, it is the act of publicly revealing personal information about an individual, typically through the Internet with the intention to shame, publicly humiliate, extort and more. This is done by obtaining personal information through publicly available databases, social media sites (like Twitter and Facebook), hacking, social engineering and through other types of websites.


The person who doxxed me is convinced I’m the person behind a Twitter profile dubbed as “@SkyeZedA”. My doxxer, under the false impression that @SkyeZedA is me, did additional "investigations" on me for months, with the help of a friend that works for a digital forensics company in South Africa. This person contacted and sent my employer a detailed 13-page complaint document along with video clips of me on various YouTube streams. In this complaint, my doxxer mentioned that he feels that the woke are the "victims". I find it ironic that those who speak out about important issues such as Gender-Based Violence often become targets or victims of such senseless offenses.


As a result of this complaint, I left the company I was working for and was therefore unemployed.

My reputation has been destroyed beyond repair in the event industry, which I've been working in for over 10 years. Being unemployed in an already struggling economy which is rapidly declining due to the COVID pandemic isn’t an ideal situation. My main concern was how I could afford to pay for my medical aid, as a cancer survivor having medical aid is essential for me.


The stress, trauma and depression that’s been caused by this experience has been unbelievable. I don’t wish this on anyone. I’m not only fighting this case for myself, but also for a man that sadly committed suicide because he was wrongfully doxxed by the same person too. That’s why this cause is even more important and meaningful to me.


Please will you consider supporting my cause? The legal fees will help in regaining my dignity.

I have a lot of support on Twitter and I would like to thank the people that have stood up against this. I appreciate you.

You can follow me at: @ImNotSkyeZA

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