Young Pro Cook Series | Professional Cooking Class | All You Need to Know About Knife Skills

Mon Jul 11, 11:00 - Mon Jul 11, 13:30
Frankie Fenner


Does a sharp knife make food taste better?

That has been blown out of the water with a unanimous YES and yes, you can find a sharp knife around any corner or at any supermarket. What you however won’t find around any corner or at any supermarket is craftsmanship. Tools prepared with honour, sincerity, passion and pride is what Neil of Kitchen Samurai has searched for far and wide.

If you’ve watched Top Chef or Chopped and wondered how those professional chefs are so great at chopping vegetables, wonder no more: the only thing between you and professional knife skills is a cutting board, a sharp chef’s knife, and an expert guide.

Welcome to the Knife Skills Professional Cooking Class with Kitchen Samurai!

Who's it for? dabblers, date nights, and serious home cooks, anyone who aspires to take their cooking skills to pro level.

What to expect: Under the guidance of a Knife Sensei, you'll learn the essential skills you will only need to learn once when handling vegetables, meat, and fish, as well as relevant information for selecting, caring for, and handling knives in the kitchen.

What's included: A two-hour practical session, all ingredients, a skills booklet, an apron to wear on a day, a tea towel, a Japanese dinner menu with wine, water & soda. All cooking equipment and teaching resources are provided at Soute Studio for use on the day.

What you need to know: No prior knowledge is required for this course, which is suitable for both novices and cooks with experience.

What clients say:

"Great experience here acquiring a whetstone for my knife, incredibly helpful and took the time to talk me through the whole process. Would highly recommend for anyone interested in cooking and high-quality craftsmanship." - Nick S

"I can't get enough of Kitchen Samurai nor can I say enough good things about them. Whether you are looking for the best quality kitchen knives available, a top notch sharpening service, or just general knife expertise, this is the place for you." - Ewan G

"I recently bought two knives, on separate occasions, from Kitchen Samurai. The service was unbelievable, both of them arrived the day after I ordered them. I received emails from them to confirm that everything was in order and that I had received them. As well as to wish me well with my new knives. The products also just speak for themselves. They are simply amazing. I am a self-confessed knife freak and have a fairly substantial collection of kitchen knives. These are without doubt some of the finest blades I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Well done guys." - Peter C

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Young Pro Cook Series | Professional Cooking Class | All You Need to Know About Knife Skills
Frankie Fenner
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