LinkedIn For Branding, Positioning and Lead Generation

Tue May 17, 09:00 - Tue May 17, 15:30
Online via Zoom


LinkedIn is the most effective tool for branding, positioning and lead generation and yet most people only scratch the surface of what is available even on the free version of LinkedIn.

Designed specifically for business use, LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your expertise, explain your solutions, reach new potential markets and nurture business relationships.

During this course we will learn:

  • How to position yourself as an expert or as the thought leader in your market.
  • How to use the media tools and fields in LinkedIn to demonstrate your value to potential clients. 
  • How to find new potential clients or markets, either in specific fields or in specific locations around the world.
  • How to nurture relationships on LinkedIn to make the most effective use of your network.
  • How to use LinkedIn for research on clients, companies or areas of interest.
  • How to develop a wide or potentially very focussed network.

Difficulty level

This course is designed for people who know their way around LinkedIn already, however, if you are new to LinkedIn, before the training, delegates will receive an introductory document to walk you through some basic fields in LinkedIn so that the conversation can then be set at a higher level to make sure that delegates can achieve very intentional results.

Your presenter

Charlotte Kemp SdPFA is a speaker, trainer and author and an avid social media user, and has presented numerous talks and training sessions on various elements of social media. She has presented to delegates in companies such as Old Mutual, Celestis, Telkom, CSIR and Nedbank. She has worked on many social media accounts for clients in the fields of finance, retail, B2B, marketing, non-profit and SMMEs. 

Charlotte is a professional speaker and the President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. 


Claudia Coetzer, Business Development Manager, Cambridge Seals, USA - Your training created a methodology-revolution in my head! Ifeel empowered and excited to embrace the benefits of socialmedia for business. Charlotte is talented, funny, intuitive and succinct - loved every minute.

Aki Kalliataki Leadership Launchpad - Just completed Charlotte's "Leveraging LinkedIn" workshop, and it completely changed my thinking. I was irritated by the recent changes that LinkedIn introduced, but when we finished, I realised how powerful LinkedIn can be. I particularly liked that a small business like mine can use LinkedIn as a CRM tool without the fuss. There were also dozens of useful tips covered to make your LinkedIn pages more effective. Do yourself a favour - spend the money and book yourself on Charlotte's course!

Simon Miller, Managing Director QIK Copy Direct - Charlotte's course is insightful and absorbing. Charlotte has an unassuming manner which promotes ease of understanding, quick utilisation and exploitation of Linked In as a personal connection and a wider corporate business tool. I highly recommend her to corporate colleagues for small group training in-house, as the intimate nature of Charlotte's coaching style is seriously good value on every level.

Rolf Kuhnast, Facilitator - I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation given by Charlotte, titled "Optimising the social media Impact of Linked-in and twitter for trainers" I was impressed by Charlotte's relaxed and professional style. Her knowledge and experience of both Linked-in and Twitter are exceptional, and my understanding of these two platforms was significantly increased. I highly recommend Charlotte to anyone wishing to gain a deeper understanding of these two social platforms.

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