Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner Online Course

Tue Feb 22, 11:00 - Tue Feb 22, 15:00


There is a lot of excitement lately about the opportunities that cryptocurrencies and its underlying technology, the blockchain offers. From trading, investing, mining or using the technology to streamline existing systems and processes, the opportunities most definitely exist.

The Bitcoin and Blockchain Beginner course is for individuals who are new to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The course covers the basics of money, bitcoin and the blockchain, how to use bitcoin: buy and sell bitcoin; send and receive bitcoin; and how to store bitcoin in a wallet, bitcoin and wallet security, compliance and regulation and highlights the future of this space as well as the companies and institutions globally and locally that are currently using this technology.

Similar to how the internet completely changed how people digitally share information, blockchain technology is revolutionising the storing and transacting of value. 

Modules that will be covered are:

Module 1 - Introduction     

  • Money and currency
  • Digital currencies explained
  • History of Bitcoin

Module 2 - The Blockchain               

  • 101 of a blockchain
  • How are transactions stored on a blockchain
  • What Bitcoin mining is
  • Permissioned and permissionless blockchains

Module 3 - Using Bitcoin

  • Where and how to get bitcoins
  • How to store bitcoins in a wallet
  • How to send and receive bitcoins
  • How to trade bitcoins on on-line exchanges
  • Bitcoin pricing and volatility                                                          

Module 4 - Bitcoin Security    

  • Security issues and the pseudo-anonymity of Bitcoin
  • Security measures such as multi-signature transactions
  • Backing up and restoring wallets

Module 5 - Bitcoin Scalability, Risks and Limitations

  • Transaction volumes and block sizes
  • Block propagation speed
  • Proof of Work efficiencies
  • Mining pools and centralisation
  • Mining rewards and incentivisation
  • Bitcoin scaling proposals

Module 6 - Use Cases and Opportunities

  • Payment rails
  • Immutable ledger
  • Coloured coins and digital asset ownership
  • Time-stamped records
  • Proof of ownership
  • Micro-transactions

Module 7 - Merchant Acceptance                           

  • How to integrate Bitcoin as a payment method
  • Benefits of using Bitcoin as a payment method
  • Payment processing companies
  • Verification of transactions on the blockchain
  • Successful case studies                

Module 8 - Bitcoin Compliance, Regulation and Tax           

  • Regulation globally and in South Africa
  • Bitcoin compliance

Module 9 - The Future of Blockchain Technology             

  • Bitcoin for remittances in emerging economies
  • Digital currencies and financial institutions
  • Digital currencies and innovation
  • The value of Bitcoin and the blockchain as a technology
  • Alternatives to bitcoin and the Bitcoin blockchain

Terms and Conditions:

No refunds or postponements are given to attendees who do not attend the course.

The Blockchain Academy reserves the right to cancel classes at any time prior to their commencement. If a class is cancelled, attendees will be advised by SMS and email no later than two days prior to its scheduled commencement date and a full refund is given back to you.

If you wish to cancel the training, you must provide us with written notification.

NO REFUNDS or transfers will be granted less than 10 days before class commencement if enrollment has been confirmed.

We accept bitcoin! Contact us at [email protected] if you would like to make payment for this course in bitcoin.

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