Castle Gorge Day Visitor Access - January 2022

Mon Jan 17, 07:00 - Mon Jan 31, 16:00
Castle Gorge, Magaliesberg

Castle Gorge is a hidden gem for hikers, featuring beautiful waterfalls, crystal clear pools and weathered rock formations that are great for swimming and photography.

Buy your ticket on Quicket and we will email your permit and map 48 hours before your hike. No permit, no hike. Contact us on 078 885 6505 with further queries.

PLEASE NOTE: NO REFUNDS. When booking make sure there are enough tickets for your group before you book.

The entire hike is 10 to 13Km long and will take between 5 to 7 hours to complete, so go early and plan on being out for the day,. You will need to carry at least 2 litres of water per person and snacks to last the day.

This hike involves a very steep uphill climb and some long, hot periods of walking. The first pool is 5Km from the car park. From the pools you can take another path to get to the waterfalls, walking through a marshy area and climbing up large boulders on the way. Walking back to the carpark is often very tiring - leave early enough so that you can still make it back before dark.

NO TRESPASSING onto neighbouring properties is allowed. Please stick to the route on the map. Wandering off the paths or following the river course results in trespassing and will have consequences. Many people get lost up there - do not go exploring on your own. Take note of where you are at all times.

DO NOT HIKE ALONE. It is always good hiking practice to hike with at least two other people.

We rate this hike moderate to difficult: first time hikers, people with a low level of fitness and children will find it very challenging.

Day visitor access is self-guided: you are responsible for your own safety. Venue access details and maps will be sent to you after the purchase of your ticket.

This area is part of the Magaliesberg Protected Environment (MPE) and the Magaliesberg Biosphere and as such is a protected wilderness area with very few marked trails. You need to be an experienced hiker to find your way around.

No fires are allowed and there are no toilet facilities, no restaurants, no shops and very few signposts. No littering is allowed - what you bring in you take back out with you. This includes the car park - no littering is allowed as there is no-one to pick up after you.

Enjoy the hike.

No permits will be granted to commercial enterprises.

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