As many of you know Pieter van Staden is an average hard-working husband and father that went to work everyday of his life trying to provide for his family and many others but the day before he had to bury his mother he was awaited by 4 cars, robbed and shot, almost bled to death.

He was taken to Baragwanath Hospital but his journey at this hospital almost cost his life where he got SepticShock because he was not looked after. He had to cover his wounded arm with a black refuse bag to keep flies away and soon the flesh started rotting and he got Septicemia that turned to SepticShock. He had to be resuscitated with 3 adrenaline shots into his heart and his arm had been amputated but the wound was never closed so we want to raise funds to remove him from this horrible Hospital to finish the operation and close the wound and bring him back home where his loved ones are awaiting him.

He is still very critical where they just moved him out of ICU and into a General Ward with an unfinished operation and with an open wound that has Septicemia yet again.

Please we ask for your help to help us help Piet (Rot) fix his "stompie" and bring him home for Christmas xox

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