High Performing Healthcare Facilities, Design Considerations & Applications

Mon Apr 25, 08:30 - Mon Apr 25, 17:00
Durban - Venue TBC


ASHRAE South African Chapter will host a technical course on high performing healthcare facilities, design considerations & applications

This course provides a discussion of the fundamentals of system design for healthcare facilities, design considerations, the basic methodology of HVAC design, psychrometrics, energy, and sustainability goals of high-performance healthcare facilities. In addition, this course will cover definitions of the key elements of high-performance in healthcare, control sequences and set points, and energy conservation strategies and relationships to temperature/relative humidity 


Learning Objectives 

• Describe the fundamentals of healthcare heating and cooling systems 

• Explain how psychrometrics is applied to healthcare 

• Explain the Basic Methodology of HVAC Design for Surgery Suites and Radiology Suites 

• Explain the Basic Methodology of HVAC Design for Isolation Rooms, Intensive Care Units and Imaging Rooms 

• Explain unique HVAC design for different spaces 

• Explain the relationship of infection control to HVAC design 

• Explain how health-care HVAC systems can be designed with energy conservative strategies and pitfalls 

• Learn how and why the HVAC performance Standards in S-170 evolved and where they might go 

• Learn implications of various energy conservation strategies on temp/humidity and infection control 

• Learn how to translate end-user requirements into control sequences and setpoints for the entire HVAC system 

• Key elements of a high-performing hospital 

• Role of HVAC systems in high-performing hospitals 

• Key literature. Familiarize with the 2013 ASHRAE HVAC Design Manual for Hospitals and Clinics. 

ASHRAE Standard 170, Ventilation in Health Care Facilities  

• Role of the HVAC system in infection control 

• Engineering designs that can help or hurt achieving high performance 

• Audience: Experienced healthcare engineers 

• Lessons Learned—Mistakes I have made 

The course will be a one-day event to be hosted in the city of Durban.

25 April 2022

Please note only 25 spots are open for this event.

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