Is your business ready to receive financial capital, to grow it to the next level?

Fri Dec 3, 13:00 - Fri Dec 3, 13:30


Often entrepreneurs are hamstrung in their efforts to grow their business due to a lack of working capital. If you are a trading entity where you buy stock and re-sell to your clients, you may be in such a position. Trade Finance provides you with capital to fund your trade cycle. Financiers can provide you with up to 100% of client purchase orders for as long as 180 days. Attend and learn, which trade finance solution will work for your business. Deon De Bryun, our main speaker, has been in the financial services space for 26 years and is a Financial Educator with a particular interest in serving Entrepreneurs. Deon has ample experience is Life Assurance, Vehicle & Asset Insurance, Collective Investments Schemes, Retirement Funding, Estate & Trust Planning and Business Financing.

Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is an informational program hosted by B-Advisory, a Chartered Accounting firm, who’s objective is to provide world class solutions that assist in running sustainable, profitable and compliant businesses.

The Lunch & Learn @ B-Advisory is designed to help unravel the strategies that will help your business unlock value and implement key strategies to manage a healthy cashflow and sustainable financial performance.

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