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Tue Jan 18, 18:00 - Tue Feb 22, 20:00


"I consider my inner healing process to be circular and evolving, like a spiraling staircase, and the work with Volker through the Hero’s Journey allowed me to both descend and ascend the spiral to retrieve vital parts of myself, very young parts, that I have known about for years but have not been able to access.

The Journey is breathtakingly beautiful; the weaving together of the connected breath following the teachings facilitated retrieval and recovery in a very unique way- for me it was like entering a vast, unknown landscape filled with new colors and textures, with a ground and sky of safety and light that encouraged movement at precisely the right rate and direction.

I would recommend the Hero’s Journey to anyone who has found the connected breathing to be healing and restorative and who is ready to go deeper in their inner work.”

Amy Shaffer

Psychotherapist, California USA

Hero's Journey

Transform your life in six sessions over six weeks.

Live, online via zoom

Journey overview


We identify core limiting beliefs, childhood emotional wounding and compensating tendencies (dysfunctional choices) using the enneagram. The enneagram is a model of the human psyche rooted in ancient wisdom, and understood as a typology of nine interconnected personality types.

Wounded child integration 

A process of identifying, validating and integrating emotionally wounded aspects of self, thereby initiating the transformation of core limiting beliefs and the return to wholeness.

Cultivating the Conscious Mind

We begin to explore and embrace who we truly are beyond our limiting beliefs and subconscious conditioning. Because when we know who we truly are we can accomplish anything.

Energy clearing

A powerful energetic cord cutting process to heal and release energetic entanglements stemming from the challenges and traumas of our past.

Vision Quest

An internal ‘vision quest’ to find and clarify one’s ‘vision, which in the Native American sense is anything that is healing and positive to one’s body, mind or life. This is an opportunity for your heart’s deepest desires and dreams to be revealed to you.

Building Structure

We build structure to support the momentum of the new flow we are creating in our lives. A river with solid banks flows, a river with no banks dissipates or stagnates. Structure building includes setting clear goals and action plans, new habits, choices and daily practice. It also incorporates sustainability and accountability measures to keep us on track towards supporting the ‘emerging self’, and creating our new destiny with power and purpose. 


Conscious Breathwork (Every session includes conscious breathwork)

A guided journey of strong connected breathing, accessing higher states of consciousness, while releasing physical, emotional and mental toxins and blockages from the body. This powerful breathing technique supports all energy levels of the body - physical, emotional, mental and celestial.  

Home use toolkit

Each participant will receive resources for your own personal transformation 'toolkit' for ongoing application at home to support continued integration and success.

R495 per session for locals (Total investment of R2 970)

$48 per session for internationals (Total investment of $288)

(Tickets are calculated in Rands and the Dollar value is an approximation.)


Next Journey:

Tues 18th Jan to Tues 22nd Feb 2022 (6 consecutive Tuesdays) - 6pm to 8pm CAT / GMT+2

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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open

doors where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

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