Reclaim your crown and unleash your inner power!

Sun Feb 6, 12:00 - Sun Feb 6, 18:00
Namaskar Wellness Hub


You deserve to be unbroken

Feel like you’ve lost a part of yourself?

Life has a way of knocking us down. No matter how optimistic we feel at the outset, along the way we all have to deal with either a nasty divorce, the loss of a business, emotional or physical pain, addiction, or trying to grow past grief. These obstacles in our path tend to chip away at our self-confidence and, eventually, our identity. Unfortunately, the ‘fix’ isn’t as simple as just waking up one morning and choosing not to think about it anymore. It takes dedication to delve into the cause of our hurt and to root it out for good.

How do we reclaim the missing parts of ourselves?

If you neglect your needs over time, you will feel limited and powerless. One of the reasons you abandon parts of yourself along the way is generally because you want to please someone else. Getting the abandoned parts back isn’t easy, though. And it requires a lot of patience. Make a decision to be completely honest with yourself about why you are unsatisfied with your life and then commit to the process of making it better.

Start by exploring these questions:

  • What exactly am I feeling?
  • What do I not like about myself?
  • Why do I no longer see myself as valuable?
  • When was the last time I did something for myself without worrying what others would think or say about me?

Once you are able to identify your feelings and express your thoughts, you move to the next step. Dealing with pain inflicted by other the events surrounding the incident. When you are able to deal with this, it becomes easier to heal yourself. And a healthy you is the version of you that is fully in control of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions. It will feel like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders as you rediscover lost parts of yourself and reclaim your power.

Be the crown of your own creation

Leigh Joy invites you to a life-changing full-day event participants will be able to use as a springboard towards complete self-mastery. The event is an experiential way to help people become more aware of the parts of themselves they have abandoned over time.

Come claim back your crown and wear it proudly!


12:00: Arrival - welcome teas according to your blood type

12:30: Welcome and opening of sacred space - Leigh Joy and Jemme

12:40: Cacao Ceremony - Jemma and opening of sacred space

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Discussion about what reclaiming our lights looks like and why - Leigh Joy

15:00: Making of crowns

16:00: Networking and tea/coffee

18:00: Sunset Crowning Ceremony

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Reclaim your crown and unleash your inner power!
Namaskar Wellness Hub
Beverley, Sandton, 2191
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