"Deeper Shades of Summer" by Neo Summerx

Sun Nov 28, 16:00 - Sun Nov 28, 17:00
RedRoof Theatre


I am Neo Summerx and on 28 November 2021 I will be launching Deeper Shades of Summer which is my first album. The album is made for all hopeless romantics out there who often neglect loving themselves before falling in love with someone else. My story is rooted in introspect and how it helps one find self-love. It is meant to inspire my target market (ages 16 – 35) to learn from my mistakes and choose to love themselves before anyone else. Growing up I developed a low self-esteem from hurtful comments that I received from people who are close to me as well as new people in my life. This led me to search for validation from strangers which put me in a lot of dangerous situations. I never really knew what self-love looks like or even feels like which led to faking how I really felt about myself hoping that I would eventually believe that I do. Considering the statistics on suicide and self-harm an album like this is needed for the gen z as the alarming numbers suggest a lack of self-love. I trust that I will make a change for a better world for the youth of today and tomorrow. It will be a performance to remember. 

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"Deeper Shades of Summer" by Neo Summerx
RedRoof Theatre
41 Frost Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, 2092
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