Nehemiah Safe House on the move..


Nehemiah Safe House on the move...

South Africa is one of the most unequal societies in the world, with women and children more often than not bearing the brunt of this. Our beautiful and hard won constitution views children as having a extremely special place in our society, yet due to a myriad of circumstances millions of children annually are abused, neglected and abandoned. Our sole mission is to be a safe haven to these children.

Nehemiah Safe House was established in 2016 by Amy Vos and her husband. It started with 1 child (we have 8 now) and purely out of the need to provide not only a safe haven but a better future for these children. The task has never been easy, however we could not allow for these children to be abandoned again. We’ve largely depended on the goodwill and the spirit of Ubuntu which ties us as South Africans.

This however had resulted in rather haphazard financial and operational mechanisms, which leaves our organisation open to vulnerabilities and stressors. It is our greatest wish to be financially and operationally stable and sustainable. This would be the greatest gift we can give the children, knowing that their home, their careers and their futures are secured.

It is within these parematers we write to you today. 

Nehemiah Safe House would like to appeal to you today for assistance in the helping of raising funds so they can purchase a house to call their forever home.

Thank you!

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