Eswatini Snakebite Symposium 2021 - Saturday 4th December

Sat Dec 4, 08:00 - Sat Dec 4, 17:00
Lusoti Village, Simunye, Eswatini


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The symposium will be hosted by Simunye Country Club & Lodge, Lusoti Village, Simunye, Eswatini, on the 3rd December 2021 and repeated on the 4th December 2021. Please note that the conference room can only accommodate 100 guests; therefore, registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The registration and login details will be communicated shortly. The Registration fee is E220.00 per person and includes teas, refreshments & lunch. Although preregistration is preferred, on-site registrations are welcome from 07:00.

The symposium will start at 08:15 and will finish at approximately 17:00. Once we receive the registration form, a registration number will be emailed to you. Please use the registration number as the reference when making payment and present it at the registration desk, which will open at 07H00 on Friday. 


Accommodation has been discounted from 2nd - 4th December to SZL/R560 B&B single and SZL/R390 pp/sharing. The price is per night and includes breakfast. On Friday & Saturday evening, there will be a “Meet-And-Greet-The-Panel” meal. Please indicate on this form if you would like to attend.


There will be 2 conference rooms with various topics being presented:

  • Community Development: combating the scourge of snakebite
  • AF snakebite research past, current and future projects
  • Common venomous snakes in Eswatini
  • The syndromic approach to snakebite
  • The lifesaving role of Clinics & Paramedics in the outcome of snakebite
  • Medical Management of Snakebite
  • Common snake myths in Eswatini & other Harmful practices
  • Venom Ophthalmia
  • A Surgeon’s role in snakebite
  • Snakebites in children
  • Collaboration saves lives and limbs - Case Study
  • Eswatini Emergency Snakebite Treatment Guidelines for 2021/2022
  • Eswatini Leading the Way in Snakebite Prevention & Treatment
  • Identification and treatment of the medically important Spiders and Scorpions in Eswatini

Other Activities Include

  • Live Snake Display
  • Minutes to Die Documentary
  • Practical Sessions for snakebite 

Additional information

Age restriction No under 13s
Refund policy No refunds


Eswatini Snakebite Symposium 2021 - Saturday 4th December
Lusoti Village, Simunye, Eswatini
Simunye, Eswatini
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