Deans Retirement Gift

Sat Nov 6, 08:00 - Thu Jun 30, 17:00


Many in the fire service have come to know Dean, be it through work or training, and will know that in a couple of weeks he's starting a whole new chapter in his life. Retirement. After 40 years of service – it's happening!

Dean has sacrificed many major holidays, missed family events and so much more, without even a 2nd thought. Duty and work have always come first. This job was his dream. It was his life. He has achieved SO much, and far too many special memories to even begin to mention.

It's now payback time and family and friends are scattered all over the world. However, one clever family member has come up with a wonderful idea...... Let's get Dean to the UK so he can visit his family. It's been a very long time. As we all know the Rand exchange rate is horrific. Sadly, he would never be able to do this on his own. So we are asking for donations, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem to get Dean to the UK. No doubt he will eventually see this post on social media and I know he'll be humbled and grateful for all the generosity shown.

So, dig deep, scrape together pennies. Anything helps. Let's get this man the farewell and welcome to the retirement gift he deserves.

We are proud of and grateful to all of these crucial members of our community. There is no way to truly thank them all adequately.

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