Jesse Clegg at Camel Rock "Here and Now" Summer Tour

Sat Jan 1, 16:00 - Sat Jan 1, 20:00
Camel Rock


Jesse Clegg “Here and Now” Summer Tour

Camel Rock will groove us beautifully into 2022 , Tropical Fun ! is how we will enter into 2022 !! Tropical Dress up Essential to Party !

Starting at 4pm -8pm ,doors will open to Mrs & Mr Smith playing tropical lounge beats while , all dressed in a Floral Celebration we will dance into the first day of a beautiful new year that awaits us with New understandings & Fresh Beginings and a commitment to sharing the Love of Life !!

After a cocktail or two Jesse Clegg will play, easing us into the first sunset & evening of 2022 with the most positive vibes !

Celebrating the year that has been, Jesse Clegg, will be performing in his annual December/January tour. The “Here and Now” summer tour will see Jesse performing at venues across south Africa, his last being here at Camel Rock in Scarborough.

Jesse shared personal new song "Waiting on the Outcome" this November on all streaming platforms ,

This marked the arrival of new music from Jesse Clegg.

Waiting on the Outcome is a heartfelt song about finding strength through loss and taking the journey to gain closure and celebrate life. The single is available on all streaming platforms.

This is what Jesse had to say about the song and its message: “Waiting on the Outcome is a very personal song to me. It was written in a moment in my life where I had to come to terms with losing someone. It’s a complicated feeling - on the one hand there is sadness and fear of change, but there’s also something empowering about facing these big moments in life and trusting yourself to get through it.”

Jesse captures the feeling of promise and conviction beautifully in this relatable and uplifting song. “You realize something about yourself - your limits are further than you think. The song is about finding that strength in vulnerability and facing hard truths without losing hope.

We are all stronger than we know,” insists Jesse.

And this is the Message we will take into 2022 at Camel Rock, to Celebrate ourselves & our Strengths!!

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Jesse Clegg at Camel Rock "Here and Now" Summer Tour
Camel Rock
Main Rd, Scarborough, Cape Town
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