Russfor Entries - Destruigua Insurgency

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People's Demococratic Republic of Herzoslovakia which has two provinces bordering Russia, this being Destruigua and Griavania, is the backdrop for our milsims.

During the cold war the Soviet Union had occupied Herzoslovakia , in 1991 the country was handed back to its people even though the country natural reserves of iron was a huge part of making the soviet war machine.

In 1992 war broke out in Herzoslovakia when an unknown militia occupied the province of Destruigua , later NATO found it that this militia was Russian forces called The Barkov's Forces and NATO responded by surrounding the area with British and American troops under the flag of NATO.  

Barkov’s Forces are a rogue division-sized unit of the Russian Ground Forces led by General Roman Barkov. Barkov's personal armed forces consists of Russian soldiers and mercenaries who carry out his brutal agenda to oppress Herzoslovakia

The Barkov's Forces heavy handed method to secure the region has not won them any favours from the local population and resentment has started to build. Russia has continued to pour resources into the area in an attempt to fuel an insurgency and destabilize NATO’s strength in the region.

NATO has not won any favours either and resentment to the NATO forces by the locals has also begun to grow.

By the time Herzoslovakia had been reoccupied they had not yet finished training their new military, this military is more a civilian militia then a real established military force.  

It can take just a solitary incident to set off a war between the Russian and NATO’s standoff in Destruigua, Herzoslovakia ...


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Russfor Entries - Destruigua Insurgency
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