Dare to Dream

Thu Dec 2, 19:00 - Thu Dec 2, 21:00


The past two years have been some of the most difficult times for many of us. With South Africa sitting with a record number of over 40% unemployed. Millions are sitting without a job, Millions more without even a prospect of work any time soon and Millions more are starving as a result.

Should we rely on governments and the kindness of strangers to bail all of us out?

Or should we learn whatever is necessary to turn things around?

In exactly these times, many people are not just surviving, they are thriving.

What is the reason for this?

Is it all just by the luck of the draw?

Life’s lottery so to speak.

Stephen and Vinesh, believe that none of this is by chance. The successful all have one thing in common.

It all starts with a belief that “I am worth it” and all successful people have the right mentorship and Accountability to help them along the way.

Which is exactly why Stephen and Vinesh have put together a limited time only webinar, titled Dare to Dream where they will show you a way that you can turn things around and thrive instead of just survive.

Stephen and Vinesh have made it their life’s work to help 1,000,000 people. Are you going to find yourself amongst that 1,000,000?

Or are you going to stand on the sideline?

Are you ready to start believing that you are worth it?

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