Legal Design Conversations Non-Disclosure Agreements

Wed Jan 12, 13:00 - Wed Dec 14, 14:00


Businesses often agree to collaborate in order to expand or to explore other commercial transactions. A solid Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement (“NDA”) is the first step towards protecting your most valuable intangible assets (intellectual property – “IP”)  in business. It secures a successful collaboration and serves as a precursor to a mutually beneficial engagement in order to help your business grow and scale safely.


This session will empower you with a clear understanding of the nature of a good NDA, unpack its contents in plain language, identify potential pitfalls to watch out for and share the latest best practice.


Not only will attendees from this session have the knowledge to negotiate better agreements whilst keeping themselves and their IP safe, but will also receive a professionally drafted complimentary NDA from Contracts4Biz. Attendees also become part of the support network at SchoemanLaw Inc with access to a free 10-minute consultation with one of their expert attorneys.


Who should attend? Busy entrepreneurs and decision-makers wishing to expand their businesses without putting their IP at risk.

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Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


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