Zion, A Celebration of Spirituality & Religion

Wed Dec 1, 17:00 - Thu Dec 2, 20:00


The question of God has been one which many people have aimed to answer for decades. It has given birth to many theories, debates, religious clashes and even wars. However, if God created many different people, why would He allow only one way to serve him?

The film extends beyond itself and invites other artists to depict significant moments in the film through different art forms.

Day 1 - Film Screening & Visual Performances.

The Opening show is entitled “The Genesis”, a film premiere experience that incorporates A Process Documentary about Zion Shortfilm, Visual Art performance (Poetry) & The Shortfilm Screening. - Directed by Sanaa Mothabisa.

Day 2 - Dinner with the Artist.

The sequel show is entitled “The Last Supper”, a continuation of “The Genesis”. The second day features a Recap of the film & Conversations about Zion. The artist(s) express themselves about the process & talk about the details of the project. This day offers a Q&A from the audience.

Mangrove prepares six plates that represent the religions that are highlighted on the film. A talk from a creative from Mangrove about their collaboration with Sanaa Mothabisa.

Film Directed by Sanaa Mothabisa.

Collaboration Art Exhibition with:

Keneilwe Mothoa

Ntate Phakela

Snalo Gcaba.

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Zion, A Celebration of Spirituality & Religion
2 De Beer St, Johannesburg, 2000
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