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These beautiful, special dogs are so often overlooked for adoption. They make the most amazing family members, and are highly intelligent and trainable. 

Sadly, these animals are most often subject to terrible neglect and cruelty due to their ever-increasing numbers in poverty stricken areas and informal settlements. They most-often face euthanasia after rescue due to severe illness or neglect, or simply the fact that there are so many of them, and so few available homes. 

Often they face the sad fate of being confined to kennels for months or even years after rescue, as they are not a 'popular' choice for adoption. No matter how humane or kind the rescue organization they end up in may be, this is not the life for any dog, and especially the Africanis Mix Breed. This is a dog with a huge capacity to love and be loved, and will leave it's special paw print on your heart and soul, long after it is gone.

Breed Description:

The South African 'Africanis Mix Breed' is in fact a landrace, and not a breed. No human intervention in their constant evolvement was, is, or will be planned. It is the umbrella term for all Southern African Native dogs. It refers to Africa (the continent) and Canis (dog). Over the centuries they have been shaped by Africa for Africa. They are part of biodiversity and the cultural heritage of humankind.

The beauty of this dog is embodied in the simplicity and functionality of its build. The Africanis Mix Breed is medium sized, slender built and well muscled. It is agile and supple, moves in a very natural and easy manner, and can run at great speed. It is found in a wide range of colours, with or without markings. A ridge of varying form can sometimes be seen on the back. The ears may be erect, half erect or drooping. The carriage of ears and tail is linked to the dog's awareness of its environment.

It is a dog which needs neither pampering nor special food. It is consistently healthy and has, over the years, developed a natural resistance against internal and external parasites.

The Africanis Mix Breed simply needs your company. As a primitive hound it is guided by the instinct of subservience, the very drive that made its distant ancestors prime candidates for domestication. It is bound to its human partners and its territory. It will follow you for hours without being on a lead.

From a health care point of view, the routine vaccinations and deworming/flea treatment are needed.. But you won't need to open an account at a veterinary clinic. The Africanis Mix 

is a cost effective dog.

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