OTASA Southern Cape Branch Webinar: Calculating My Energy Statement - 29 October 2021

Fri Oct 29, 10:00 - Fri Oct 29, 12:00


Presented by Charlotte Marais

Speaker Bio:

Charlotte Marais has over 30 years experience working as an occupational therapist in Psychiatry. She is currently employed at Mediclinic George (Psychiatry). This journey started in 1995 at Lamprecht Clinic when local psychiatrists approached her to open up the OT department. The challenge convincing them about OT scope of practice was an interesting one then and has evolved greatly over the years. Charlotte currently coordinates the multi-professional group therapy program. She also presents groups and attend to individual therapy, including vocational rehabilitation and assisting patients to achieve optimal functioning at home. 

Workshop Description:

This workshop is focused on your own well being as an occupational therapy practitioner. You can expect to participate in a discussion about personal energy levels and what nurtures as well as depletes these energy levels. We will delve into energy deposits and withdrawals and how leisure and therapy can have an impact on this. So relevant at this time of the year!!

Attendees will:

  1. Be able to assess their mental health status
  2. Identify their needs at this time of the year
  3. Receive updated knowledge on relaxation techniques
  4. Practice and experience some techniques

Come and spend 2 hours with us focused on YOU!

CPD: 2CEUs through AOCP001

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