Ngoma dza Mapungubwe

Sat Oct 30, 14:00 - Sat Oct 30, 18:00
Soda Studio


Join us on the 30th October 2021 for an incredible musical pilgrimage into the heart and soul of Mapungubwe, an ancient kingdom that existed in Southern Africa over 1000 years ago. Azah a multi-instrumentalist musician, composer, producer, and percussionist from Mamelodi in Pretoria, will be launching his third album Ngoma Dza Mapungubwe (Symphonies of Mapungubwe). 

The album is a body of work which seeks to present sonic ritual text and anthologies based on the royal historical sacred Mapungubwe kingdom in Southern Africa which was the zenith cultural epicenter of African civilization of its time.  It was a powerful and wealthy ancient kingdom whose industrious people flourished and traded in gold and ivory with Eastern cultures such as China, Arabia and India. It is located where two rivers (Shashe and Limpopo) meet at a confluence of three countries: Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The songs in the album are presented as a songbook collection and represent various narratives around the history of the people that migrated during that era. It is a sonic allegory that sparks critical conversations around the current discourse surrounding Mapungubwe, a celebration of its past glory and re-imagination of a future vision for its people. 

The launch performance will be a multimedia visual spectacle that infuses musical theatre, dance, performance art and storytelling. It will tell a journey to self through the eyes of children and will include audience interaction through ritual and ceremony. This is a performance not to be missed!

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Ngoma dza Mapungubwe
Soda Studio
131 Albert St, City and Suburban, Johannesburg, 2094
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