Ride 4 Education - April 2022

Fri Apr 15, 05:30 - Thu Apr 21, 12:30
Queenstown/Komani for the Queen's College Reunion - Full Tour


The Ride 4 Education initiative is a Project run under the Queen’s College Old Boys’ Association – Cape Town Branch, with Project head at the helm: Old Boy: Warren Wilkinson (Class of 1992). He is supported in a sub-committee made up of: Old Boy: Allan Vickers (Class of 1984) and Dr Douglas Dumbrill (Friend of Queen’s and 2021 Fundraising Rider).

The project aims to throw a blanket over all the current rides happening to Reunion annually in April and to encourage more Old Boys, Family and Friends to join a Tribe of Ride for Education Warriors, who will either join the existing rides or start their own initiative, to raise funds and awareness for Educating children in the Komani District, Eastern Cape and/or support infrastructure projects that support a world-class education environment.

Donors have the freedom to chose their preferred School, Project or give funds to the Queenstown Education Foundation – which collaborate among 11 schools, incl the major schools, for Bursaries. And Donors will receive the relevant Sect 18A Donation Allowance for their donations directly from the relevant school or foundation or the Sect 4(h) exemption under the Estate Duty Act for any bequests from an Estate.

This Tour Event for 2022 allows R4E Tribe Members to buy Kit, decide to join one of Three Tour Options from Cape Town and/or decide to Donate Funding to a specific school, foundation or project of their choosing.

Donations must be placed directly with the school, foundation or project of your choosing, kindly email us for contact details. Donations made via this platform goes directly to the Queen’s College Trust only.

Kindly visit our website to see all the other partners to whom Donations can go to in the Komani District or feel free to email us for more information.

*For Donations in excess of R100 000, please email us, as we would like to reduce the cost involved by ensuring the Funds go directly to the relevant NPO from the selection of NPO’s available from our list of approved Stakeholders.

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Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


Ride 4 Education - April 2022
Queenstown/Komani for the Queen's College Reunion - Full Tour
13 Frost St, Queenstown, 5320
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