Whiskey Dust LIVE at JARR Bar

Fri Nov 19, 19:00 - Fri Nov 19, 22:00
Jarr Bar and Restaurant


The applicable and legislated Covid-19 health protocols and trading hours will apply.

Whiskey Dust, a 3 piece acoustic/indie band, consists of clean vocals (Marty) Acoustic guitar (Gareth) and drums (Jacques)

Gareth Reed, better known as the guitarist for Riddlebreak, Vocalist for Hiraeth and Vocalist for Human Nebula, has proven over time and many years that he is here to stay, forever creating music (and bands).

Marty du Plessis, better known as the Vocalist for Hiraeth, has made her mark in the music industry in a very short time and tends to further her skill as a Vocalist and is determined to try and learn all the instruments! Working on the Ukulele as we speak. We'll see how long that will stick.

Jacques studied music with Marty and has definitely proven himself to be a stellar drummer and all around geek! (don't put Jacques and Gareth in a room together, the geekiness is very real!)

Together the 3 of them are determined to make rad music, but more importantly, to drink together and to hopefully drink with YOU!

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Whiskey Dust LIVE at JARR Bar
Jarr Bar and Restaurant
102 Ripley St, Weavind Park, Pretoria, 0184
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