Shedding Stories. A weekend of healing.

Fri Nov 19, 18:00 - Sun Nov 21, 13:00
Our Ferndale Garden Venue


Shedding Stories is a suburban retreat inspired by the great Serpents medicine

It is an experience for those who wish to disengage from drama and let go of their story so that they may be in a genuine relationship with each moment in their lives. 

The retreat will be held within a peaceful garden setting in the heart of the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. 

This is not an “away” retreat, but rather a sleep at home, heal-with-us experience. The weekend has been structured in this way to make this healing experience as accessible as possible to all of those who stand to benefit from it.  

If you wish to stay closer to the venue you may contact [email protected] for guidance on accommodation options.

The schedule

Friday 19th Nov 2021: 18h00 - 21h00

Opening Ceremony

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • The serpents wisdom & how she will support our shedding
  • Guided Journey to connect with the serpents medicine

Saturday 20th Nov 2021: 09h00 - 16h00

Shedding Stories Workshop

Stepping into a truthful relationship with your story

  • Take a sincere look at your personal stories
  • Identify the moments in your story that hold the most charge
  • Understand how the cycle of drama pulls you in and which role/s you are stepping into
  • Access your personal energy field & connect with where the story is held within your body

Releasing your story

  • Learn strategies to exit the cycle of drama 
  • Learn to heal the imprints in your field & connect with their wisdom

Sunday 21st Nov 2021: 09h00 - 13h00

Shedding Ceremony

  • A guided Expressive Movement dance journey to support your shedding
  • Closing & farewells

What you will learn:

  • Connect with the wisdom & medicine of the serpent & make her an ally in your journey
  • Understand how you have crafted the story of your life
  • Understand the disempowering role/s that you play within these stories
  • Learn to release the stories that keep you in the past and begin to call back your power, across time and space, into the present. 
  • Shed your past without judgement and attachment
  • Set the ghosts of the past free - Release the events, actions & people that are trapped in your psyche
  • Learn to work energetically (multidimensionally) to clear your field, remove energetic leaks and return to wholeness.
  • Step into a deeper connection with your soul. 

Your investment options - spaces are limited

  • Early Bird Rate: R 2 222.00. Valid until the 31st Oct ’21.
  • Standard Rate: R2 888
  • Split Payment: 2 x R 1 444.00. Valid until 31st Oct '21.
  • 1st Payment of R 1 444.00 reserves your spot. 
  • 2nd payment of R 1 444.00 is due on or before the 12th November 2021. 
  • EFT details for balance of payment will be sent to you.
  • Your participation in the retreat is only confirmed once PoP has been received for the 2nd payment. 
  • The venue location will not be shared until the full amount has been received. 

For information & queries contact [email protected]

What is included:

  • Materials: Workshop manual to help you integrate the lessons into your everyday life
  • Nourishment: Refreshments throughout the weekend. Snacks on Friday night. Snacks & Lunch on Saturday. Snacks on Sunday morning.
  • Logistics: Secure off street parking at our garden venue in Ferndale, Johannesburg 
  • Integration: One to one support via video call or WhatsApp until the 24th Nov for all participants. 

Your facilitators:

Cláudia Delmont

Cláudia is a Quantum Healer, Hypnosis Practitioner, Spiritual Coach & Meditation Teacher with a passionate interest in helping people connect with their hearts & souls as a path to expressing their true authentic self & living the life they’ve always dreamt of.

Cláudia is a facilitator of what she refers to as “The Work of the Heart”. 

She creates Sacred Healing Spaces as containers where her clients may begin to heal from their past, connect with their divinity and experience their multidimensionality in support of their spiritual evolution. 

She alchemises her life experiences, numerous training in traditional coaching methodologies, psychology, hypnotherapy and energetic work with her shamanic initiations into the Rose Sisterhood and the healing traditions of the Mamsebeletsi - the South African Priestesses of the Womb who work with waters, herbal medicine and spirit to support our journeys back home to our souls & our multidimensionality.

You can find out more about Cláudia & her work at 

Tonia Rall

Tonia Rall is an creative arts therapist, her speciality trainings are in drama, dance and movement therapy, she practices as a special needs therapist, addiction recovery guide, embodiment coach and medicine woman. 

She refers to her offerings as ‘Rainbow embodiment’, in this way acknowledging the full spectrum of who we are as multidimensional, embodied beings. The premise of her work is anchored in the idea that our relationship to our bodies are in direct proportion to our sense of agency in the world. The greater our sense of agency the more we are able to stand in our power, take back our lives and find meaning and purpose. 

She weaves together her arts therapy and psychology training as well as her experiences with plant medicine and shamanic work. 

The modality on offer is Expressive Movement, which is a dynamic conscious dance, using movement as a meditation tool to enable greater authentic presence and freedom. This embodied mindfulness practice enhances physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health; increasing your vitality and supporting a healthy relationship to yourself, others and all of life. 

The intention will be centred around the theme of shedding stories by tuning into the innate wisdom of the body and acknowledging what needs to be accessed, awakened, acknowledged, released and transmuted, alongside the intention of developing a greater awareness of Self, enhanced capacity for self-love and befriending the body – our sacred gift from the divine, our temple, our home.

For more information visit or contact [email protected]

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