Documentary Fridays presents Run George film by Vuyani Makausu

Fri Oct 15, 17:30 - Fri Oct 29, 21:00
Mashumi Art Projects


We are excited to introduce Documentary Fridays. The concept is to support creatives within Africa to share their content. This project will be featuring films, documentaries, animations, conceptual art and movies but not limited to…

We will be sharing films by emerging, intermediate and established producers. The concept is to exchange digital content within Africa and build a broader audience for African creatives.

Documentary Fridays are an opportunity for us to start telling our own narrative. This will help to inspire others to move more into looking within Africa itself and draw inspiration from it.


This first documentary Friday is an introduction to our New art gallery in Dube.

We are super excited to launch the space with the first feature film Run George produced by Vuyani Makausu


About the Film:

Run George is the story of a young man named George who is in dire straits and is about to reach a boiling point in his life. We meet him on a day on which he is in desperate need of a lot of money in order to pay his rent and continue to lead his ordinary life.

He goes to his local bar and enters a pool competition in which he can make money by playing and winning against previous pool champions. Luckily George happens to be the best pool player around but unfortunately he also happens to be an alcoholic. The irony is that the more he drinks the better he gets. After getting paralytic he manages to win the entire competition and acquire the money needed to pay his debts and live his best life.

George wakes up the next day without any idea of whether or not he won and if he did, where the money is. His journey becomes a mission to recover the details of his night and while doing this, he finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant and there are very dangerous men looking for him.

The people looking for him are the dangerous pool gangsters who he beat the previous night and after getting a hold of his money they chase him to retrieve it. Throughout this thrilling, perilous adventure of escape we get a better insight into a few of the character’s motivations and backgrounds

Starring - Ebenhaezer Dibakwane, Sharon Githinji, TT Pasha and Shanray Van Wyk.

Viva nation TV original.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy No refunds


Documentary Fridays presents Run George film by Vuyani Makausu
Mashumi Art Projects
1354 Mncube Dr, Dube, Soweto, 1800
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