Suits & Sneakers: "The Adaptability Advantage" with Erik Kruger

Wed Oct 20, 18:00 - Wed Oct 20, 20:30
The Tryst


Suits & Sneakers is so excited to get back to hosting informal learning events and we'd like to invite you to attend our next event in-person which features a keynote by Erik Kruger called "The Adaptability Advantage".

We will be using this live event to record Erik's keynote and then will premiere the keynote online around two weeks after the recording! We only have 150 seats available. Here is more info about what you can expect from Erik on the night:

"The greatest competitive advantage that you can cultivate in modern times as an individual (or as a team) is accelerated adaptability. Adaptation is required not only to be successful in a complex and ever-changing world but also to achieve your goals and be your best.

It's time to think of adaptability as a skill and not just as an inborn and passive trait.

And if we can think of adaptability as a skill it means we can fine-tune it and use it to our advantage to accelerate how we change, who we become, and what our future looks like.

Join Erik for his keynote called The Adaptability Advantage and explore how you can accelerate your own ability to change how you think, feel, and act in a world that demands the best from you."

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Suits & Sneakers: "The Adaptability Advantage" with Erik Kruger
The Tryst
Woodlands Office Park Next to the GYM, Woodlands, Sandton, 2080, South Africa
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