Beginner's Hatha Yoga Class with Devi Mataji

Wed Oct 20, 09:30 - Wed Oct 20, 10:45
Ananda Kutir Ashrama

Hatha Yoga is the preparation for meditation by making the body healthy and balancing the energy in the body. This is done through the physical postures with awareness (asanas), breathing practices (pranayama), deep relaxations (yoga nidra) and other advanced practices.

Most people practise hatha yoga for health and stress release. This is excellent. Many then discover that it is possible to go deeper. They then begin to also practice Raja Yoga.

Ananda Kutir Ashrama is offering a beginner's hatha yoga class led by Devi Mataji.

Please take careful note of the guidelines provided before registering.

Please take note of the guidelines to the practice of hatha yoga below. 

  • Regular practice makes speedy headway - set aside time each day.
  • Wear clean, loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Cleanliness is next to Godliness so before practice have a quick wash, empty bladder and bowels also, if possible. If you wear sandals, kindly check that your feet are clean before stepping into the yoga room. If you need to have a wash, kindly bring your own towel.
  • No asanas (postures) or pranayama (breathing) should be attempted with food in the stomach. Allow two hours to elapse after a light meal, three hours after a heavy meal.
  • Asanas should be practiced in a well-ventilated room where there is free movement of fresh air.
  • If you have had a spinal or neck injury in the past - if you suffer from high or low blood pressure, or are under treatment for an organic illness such as diabetes, ulcers, hernias, asthma - if you have recently undergone surgery or may be pregnant - it is important that you tell your yoga teacher BEFORE the class. There may be asanas you should not attempt at first as they may actually worsen your condition. On the other hand, your teacher may help you choose suitable asanas for practice that will actually help improve your particular problem.
  • In the beginning one should take short rests between each asana, to allow pulse rate and breathing to return to normal. One should relax and spend at least ten minutes on basic deep breathing practices as taught in the class, at the end of each session.
  • All breathing should be long, CALM, deep and COMFORTABLE, within one’s own limits and without straining. No breath retention if suffering from high blood pressure or heart ailments.
  • Perform all yoga practices with a mental attitude of calm contemplation directed towards the breathing and the movement, towards the effects and the flow of prana (subtle energy). No violence - learn to extend rather than strain and struggle.
  • Inform teacher if you find any difficulty or discomfort in a posture. As headstands are not for beginners, please never attempt to do this.  
  • Please do not attend an intermediate class without first consulting your teacher. 
  • If there are any questions please refer them to your teacher who is there to help you in your practice and understanding of yoga. 

Please take note of the following guidelines for yoga students during lockdown:



  • Please book online.
  • Bookings will open a week before a yoga class whilst the class is in progress. This will give students who could not get a booking the previous week a first chance to book.
  • Bookings will close 2 hours before a class. This will give enough time for a student to book and to arrive on time. This will also give the ashrama time to access the bookings list. 
  • Payments are non-refundable. Please honour your booking as someone else could have come in your place. 
  • Please sanitise your belongings before coming to the ashrama. 


Arriving at the ashrama

  • Due to sign in procedure please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the class.
  • Please enter through the front entrance foyer only.
  • Please enter one at a time and observe social distancing.
  • Upon entry, please sanitize your hands and wear your mask.
  • Every student will be screened on entry at the foyer: Temperature check and a mandatory health declaration form to be completed and signed. Students with an elevated temperature will not be allowed to enter.
  • Please be patient and take others into consideration.


Practice Procedure

  • The yoga teacher is the compliance officer. Please address any concerns with the yoga teacher only. In order to maintain the peaceful atmosphere of the ashrama please do not confront other students re guidelines etc.
  • Please be seated according to the marked seating numbers. This allows for a distance of 2 metres between students.
  • Please bring your own mat, block, band, cushion, blanket and any other equipment. The ashrama will not be able to supply any mats or equipment.
  • Masks must be worn when entering or leaving the yoga room.
  • Masks may be removed during classes when heavy breathing is involved under the discretion of the yoga teacher.
  • Please do not share of food and drink.

Additional information

Age restriction Family friendly
Refund policy No refunds


Beginner's Hatha Yoga Class with Devi Mataji
Ananda Kutir Ashrama
24 Sprigg Rd, Rondebosch East, Cape Town, 7780
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