Homeschooling Multi Grades

Thu Oct 28, 19:30 - Thu Oct 28, 21:00


So you've bought your curriculum, set up your area to work - you're excited and rearing to go!



Reality hits! One child is doing Gr 7 work and its intense. Another is doing Gr 4 and needs help all the time. And you have a busy preschooler wanting attention...and some moms may even have a nursing baby.

How can you manage it all?

Come and meet with us as we engage on multilevel homeschooling and how to make it simple and easy for your family.

We will discuss:

  1. The concept of the one room school house
  2. How to care for a newborn while homeschooling
  3. Seeing to the needs of your preschooler
  4. How to flow between the older children
  5. The best methods and resources you can use
  6. How "the baby is the lesson"
  7. Keeping your sanity amongst the chaos

But most of all we will encourage you to find the grace for them and yourselves in this busy season of young children while you homeschool with joy and confidence.

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