THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (audience participation screening)

Sat Oct 30, 20:30 - Sat Oct 30, 22:15
Labia Theatre

NOTE: Audience Participation Screening - One Show Only



Audience Participation Screening

One Show Only ! - Book here to avoid arriving at a sold out cinema


For almost 50 years, the cult classic musical film the Rocky Horror Picture Show has thrilled audiences around the globe. Still as irresistibly fun and fresh as always, the phenomenon is still going strong. Join us at the 17th SA HorrorFest to put some fun back into Halloween weekend after the prolonged pandemic hangover, with an audience participation screening (the best, if not only way to experience the movie!) - The cinema is Covid compliant with seat limitations.

The rousing party atmosphere of this gem will light up the Labia Theatre, the audience encouraged to arrive dressed as any of the Rocky Horror characters, or anything wild, exotic, crazy, Halloween-related.

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If you don't have time (or the patients) to bring the various accessories needed to interact with the scenes on screen (from rice and newspapers, to water pistols and toast), The Lovecraft Experiment's stall will be selling participation kits in the outside the cinema,

If you're a newcomer or need a refresher, here's all you need to know:

The movie will have on-screen prompts for those new to the interactive Rocky Horror Picture Show experience.