When growing up in the dusty streets of a rural area, village or township as a child, one of the basic necessities is to have a decent pair of shoes and, even more significant, school shoes.

A decent pair of school shoes not only protects their feet, but restores and improves the child’s dignity and confidence. The absence of it may have a lifelong impact on the child’s self-esteem and their ability to learn optimally at school.

A child’s confidence is their tool to face the challenges of this world and a pair of shoes will certainly help with that. The magnitude of this basic need cannot be over emphasised and young learners require support to ensure that their dignity is restored. We believe that every pair counts.

Join our fundraising initiative to break the chain and save lives, change lives, create a better future and fight inequality.

Using all the funds raised by this initiative, MiChem Dynamics and VGL Dimensions will purchase and donate school shoes to the Somtshongweni Primary School, located in the village of former KwaNdebele in Mpumalanga, Kwaggafontein B. To read more about Somtshongweni Primary School, please click on the link below:

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