How to Start a Side Hustle with Nic Haralambous

Tue Oct 12, 19:00 - Tue Oct 12, 20:00


How to Start a Side Hustle: A playbook for a new economy

Everyone has an idea that they believe could be a business. As you read this blurb that idea is in your head, isn't it? But so is the fear of failure, the apprehension to take that first step and the concern that you don't have what it takes. Very few people take the leap but with the economy turned upside down by Covid­19, there is no better time to get started on your side hustle – to experiment and generate extra income.  

Entrepreneur Nic Haralambous has spent 20 years building businesses, learning the hard lessons and figuring out what it takes to launch a side hustle. In this book, he helps you take the first steps towards that side hustle you’ve been dreaming about.

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Nic Haralambous is an obsessive entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He has successfully started and sold multiple companies over 20 years. His speaking career spans almost a decade and includes events across the world including SXSW in Austin and the Rutberg Conference in London. His first book was Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat.


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Join Founder and CEO, Jacques Velleman, for this conversation with Nic on how to start a business in this new economy.

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