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Jaco Kruger, a cinematogrepher who recently broke his back, got successfully rehabilitated to walk again, but unfortunately the 6 months that he took to recover made it impossible to work. His disability policy did not pay out due to an exclusion that was not explained when the policy was taken out.This left him financially devistated. After his recovery he started freelancing in the filming industry again only to be met with the first hard lockdown. Since then until now he has not been able to maintain any stable income. His fiance Danelle stood by him through all of this and was also retrenched since the lockdown and they lost their Medical Aid in the process. Danelle and Jaco is expecting a boy, Corbin. Due to medical complecations she requires a c-section on the 25th of October. We have already lost assets and don't have the funds for the operation and we will be eternaly grateful for any contribution to this matter.

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