Creating new business opportunity using what you have now workshop

Thu Mar 10, 08:15 - Thu Mar 10, 17:30
Business Centre Design Quarter Fourways


Full time employee? Ever wanted to start your own business?

Already a business owner? Looking for fresh ways to grow your business?

Learn the secrets of starting or growing a business with the least amount of risk in the shortest amount of time using what you have available now.

If you are like most people… you are probably working extremely hard, but you think that you should be able to get a better return on your time and effort. Maybe you are making progress, but not the progress you were hoping for. Are you stuck? If you answered YES then you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. I will teach you skills and strategies that can turn your financial future around, immediately.

You’ll learn how to

  • Find business success quickly

  • Generate good business ideas with potential quickly

  • Find which business ideas will work and which will fail without risking much

  • Reduce risks to the maximum when starting your business

  • Reduce the time it takes to see if the business has money making potential

  • Reduce the amount of money you need to invest in starting your business

  • Find your first paying customers in 7 days

  • Use what you have to start a business

A practical and hands-on workshop that will not just teach you theory but get you to apply the strategies so that you can start building your actual business right there in the workshop. Leave the workshop with most of the ground work already done so that you can simply go out and apply for maximum success.

You can only gain by attending this valuable workshop

This workshop has the ability to help you completely change your life for the better, doing what you love while making money doing it.

“I really do not attach so much relevance to this sought of training and seminars, but yours really changed my idea, and further piloted me to create value in an area I thought least!
 Your seminar left such a lasting impact. Its an eye-opener and also a fire-cracker. A brilliant combo you can't just buy off the shelf.” - Bunmi Omodogbe Nigeria

"The seminar was interesting and provides an insight into the field of business, especially to those who has an unclear strategy that would like to unleash their potential in the area of entrepreneurship.  Willem gives a precise and practical approach." - Arlan Resoco Afghanistan

"Willem Gous opened my eyes to the different aspects of running a business. It is not all about facts, numbers and investments. Sometimes, the resources around you can be used effectively to have a positive impact." - Aqeel Shamsul United Kingdom


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