Sustainable, Circular, Regenerative Supply Chain - The Fundamental Principles

Wed Mar 23, 11:00 - Wed Mar 23, 13:00


A two-hour interactive masterclass on how to exercise the extraordinary power we have to be change agents. 

Why, What and How we can make better choices, avert climate and ecosystem collapse and position ourselves and our companies as leaders in ethical, conscious and responsible values.

This masterclass is suitable for anyone who cares about the history and impact of goods or services. It is particularly suitable, in fact essential, for professional Procurement and Supply Chain Managers.

For those of you starting out on your sustainable journey, or simply needing a refresher it is perfect – the basics of where we’ve been, where we are now, the future. Understanding what customers, employees and investors are demanding.

Best practice principles for everyone who makes, buys, uses or throws away anything.

No jargon or corporate “speak”.



  • Sustainable, circular, regenerative principles clearly defined
  • Where and how to apply these to your supply chain
  • Climate change; the basic science
  • Ecosystem damage: what and where
  • Social justice: who and why
  • Latest climate and carbon reports and targets
  • SDG, ESG, COP, IPCC, NDC and all those acronyms
  • Identify materials and practices of concern
  • Stakeholders to consider throughout the value chain
  • Tips, tools, techniques and software support
  • Realistic, practical actions: What we must do. What “they” must do
  • Plan, prepare, adapt and thrive
  • Leave feeling informed and confident to inspire change
  • Build competitive advantages for your company

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