Fun Walk/Run 5km

Mon Oct 11, 00:00 - Sat Oct 23, 00:00


We are a group of students tasked to host a fundraiser, for a school project, with the inscape education group.  The KKAP- Keane Kulsen Autism Project aims to help raise awareness for Autism by less fortunate families get their kids diagnosed and assist them with getting therapy, proper treatment and education. We also want to focus on helping the families understand Autism and help them cope with the daily struggle it brings. We have noticed a need for this type of organisation, especially in poorer South African communities, to access proper resources to help the children live their lives to the fullest. Our group is organising a fun walk/run; as the NPO’s first event, the fundraiser aims to help an NPO get started and gain a social media presence; the idea is to help the NPO- KKAP gets started and find their feet, helping with logo and website design.

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