Creative Meditation – 04 October 2021

Mon Oct 4, 19:00 - Mon Oct 4, 20:30


Welcome Creative Meditator

The invitation I extend is a guided exploration into your inner world of imagination and deep resourcefulness … where you can access creative solutions and a deep connection to your soul. 


1. The Zoom waiting room will open for arrivals at 18:55

Allow yourself to relax into a state of patience waiting as everyone arrives. Perhaps think about what your intention is for the session and have it ready to pop into the chat box when we start.

At 19:00 everyone in the waiting room will be admitted. 

NB - It is disruptive to all committed mediators to have people coming in late, or logging into and out of the session. Please only purchase your ticket if you intend to commit fully to your growth and happiness

To ensure that a safe container is created, each lovely soul will speak their name into the group. 

2. Once we have all energetically connected, I will guide you to relax, let go of your day and to connect to your own quiet cosmic centre. ± 4-5 mins

3. Next, you will be guided through a moving meditation with evocative music to express and release energy. Please - do allow your body to lead you. ±10 mins

4. This is followed with a creative visualisation that journeys into the starry realms of the unconscious mind, to play and create interior spaces to relax into or to receive insights and guidance within : ± 30 mins.

5. We now enter into silent meditation to integrate, re-ground and centre into harmony and peace - ± 5 mins.

5. You can now choose to leave the room, or you can stay and join the 15 minute feedback session which is entirely voluntary. The meeting will end at 20:30


People over 16 who are interested in all forms of meditation that encourage awareness to bring wholeness, wellness and happiness to body, mind and soul.


You can support my work in two ways: by paying the standard rate of R100.00, part of which is tithed to support three families-in-need; the other is for those who value this spiritual food and are financially depleted- you can choose to contribute an amount starting at R20.00. A commission of R5 is charged by Quicket on all tickets.

I appreciate and welcome your support as I support your spiritual wellness, thank you.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 16s
Refund policy No refunds


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