The Jo Kunnuji Experiment Live at La Maison

Thu Nov 4, 18:30 - Thu Nov 4, 21:30
La Maison


The Jo Kunnuji Experiment is a cosmopolitan, multi-cultural ensemble fusing traditional African and contemporary trans-continental musical elements. Comprising members from diverse musical backgrounds, the band re-interprets West African Ogu music with jazz, gospel, pop and soul elements while drawing extensively from modern South African harmonic sensibilities. In their newly-released album, Avale, Jo Kunnuji Experiment joined forces with Gogoke (an indigenous Ogu band from Badagry, Lagos Nigeria) to create a transcendental style with international accessibility. This unique sound tempered with deep cultural heritage and informed by a trained appreciation is brimming with African pride. Avale combines familiar modern jazz practices with polyrhythmic turns, percussive undertones, syncopated instrumentation and enchanting vocals. This music is best experienced live with a depth only palpable through shared spaces.

?On the 4th of November 2021, at the La Maison (8 Blake Street Observatory, Cape Town) The Jo Kunnuji Experiment will again be re-interpreting Avale and some of the band’s recent compositions through arrangements for a varied ensemble with Bronwen Clacherty on vibraphone, Chadleigh Gowar on electric bass, Damian Kamineth on drum kit, Georgia Jones on alto and baritone saxophones, and Jo Kunnuji on trumpet and vocals.

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The Jo Kunnuji Experiment Live at La Maison
La Maison
8 Blake St, Observatory, Cape Town, 7925
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