2021 SAICA Ethics Compliance Bundle

Fri Oct 8, 08:00 - Mon Jan 31, 23:59


Ethics: A core competence for Qualified Professionals

Professional competence leads to professional credibility and excellence. Expert competence in ethical values and attitudes is a core component of the pervasive professional competence of an accountant and auditor and any other qualified professionals.

As such, professionals need to be able to demonstrate the required level of

·       ethics knowledge

·       ethics skills, and

·       ethical behaviours / attitudes.

This competence must be demonstrated in the areas of

·       personal ethics

·       business ethics, and

·       professional ethics.

The process of deep reflection is essential to the development of the ethics competence of professionals and is a requirement of outcome-based learning and competency frameworks.

This course bundle contains the following on-demand online courses – which means that you can complete your learning anytime, anywhere:

·       The qualified professional and personal ethics

·       The qualified professional and business ethics

·       The qualified professional and professional ethics

Each course includes:

·       Interactive, online course content, aligned to the relevant competency framework

·       A short online quiz

·       An online reflection activity and tool

·       A certificate that can be generated online.

Learning, competence and compliance – all contained in one cost-effective and time-effective solution!

Ethics CPD … Sorted!

Please note: This course bundle becomes active on 8 October 2021.

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