MASTERCLASS on Vaastu Shastra | Insight into Indian Architecture and built-up spaces.

Sat Nov 13, 15:00 - Sat Nov 13, 18:00


Zest for life, people, vedic sciences, and spirituality, Vani is the first African to be conferred with the title, Vaastu Acharaya (depicting her learnedness in the field of the Vedic Science of Indian Architecture and space).

Journey with Vani on this 3Hr, knowledge-rich, masterclass where she provides: 

• Insight into the principles that govern this metaphysical science. 

• The systematic methods applied to analyse a built-up space.

• Influences of the built-up spaces on various aspects of life: Health, Relationships, Education, Wealth, Career, etc. 

• Case Studies to substantiate its effectiveness and application.

• Q&A session

Vani Pavadai

• 23 Years: Meditation and wellness trainer, having taught 15 000+ students across the continent.

• 10+ Years: Vaastu practitioner.

• 400+ Residential and Corporate clients across the globe.

• Internationally trained under the auspices of 4+ Vaastu Guru’s

• Qualified Interior decorator.

• Ardent student of Vedic Astrology

Vaastu Shastra

The word “Vaastu” means ‘dwelling’ or ‘abode’ and “Shastra” means a science or doctrine.

Essentially, Vaastu Shastra is the Vedic science of Indian Architecture which includes “metaphysical” aspects of human life. Unlike traditional Western design philosophies that prioritise functional and aesthetic effectiveness, Vaastu extends more holistically to incorporate the interaction of the mental space or subconscious mind and its interaction with the building itself.

All things in the universe have a level of energy associated with them. Humans spend most of our time inside a building, and a building is perceived as a living organism, being fed from the earth energy, solar and magnetic fields. The purpose of Vaastu Shastra is to design and develop prosperous, harmonious and productive living spaces that meet more than just the functional and aesthetic needs of its inhabitants.

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