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SoundScape is a live performance orchestrated with an array of meditative instruments such as the monochord, tibetian singing bowls, handpan, drums and percussion etc. This experience is designed to settle the 3 most common tensions - Physical tension, mental tension and emotion tension.

Participants are invited to lay on their backs with comfortable bedding, which they them-selves have provided. Once in place participants are guided through a series of relaxation techniques to further settle and ground, leading gracefully into the musical journey.

This settling neurol experience transports participants through the various states of a resting mind and body from calm intergrative alpha state to a deep dream like theta state.


SoundScape guides: 

Paul Boyter

is a professional percussionist, mindfulness instructor and permaculturist with a passion for intergrative practices and therapies. He has studied various wellness processes for over 10 years such as yoga, meridian therapy, meditation and reflexology. He also guides corporate functions creating synergy through drumming with his company Harmonics. 

Tracey Mathews

BA Child & Family Psychology - Tracey is a singer songwriter, artist and teacher with 8 years facilitating family music groups that create a space of connection and communication. Her work has a solid scientific background on the effects of music and its long term benefits on developing young brains. Tracey is an accomplished singer who uses a wide range of vocal styles and tones and has performed with various artists, venues and festivals. Tracey has a true passion for music and its power to shape the mind, inspire, communicate and process emotions.

As facilitators of SoundScape our highest goal is to hold an authentic nuturing space filled with soulful sounds.

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