Katy's Monthly Rope Jam - October Agura Edition

Thu Oct 7, 19:00 - Thu Oct 7, 21:00
Embodiment Rope Space


Join @this_is_not_a_downward_spiral for an agura-themed rope jam!

In this session, we'll be workshopping a simple agura, or cross-legged, tie. Once we've got the basics down, we'll spend the rest of the jam getting creative!

Meet Katy (aka @this_is_not_a_downward_spiral), shibari switch and self-tying entusiast. Katy has been part of the Cape Town rope community for the last 3.5 years, and her combined passion for rope and education saw her join the RopeyThingsCT team in 2019. When she's not tying, you can find her making friends with the nearest cat/plant/snack. 

The Ethos of Embodiment Rope Space:

  • This is a sex-positive, kink-positive, pleasure-centric space. 
  • This is a queer space. Friends of LGBTQIA+ people are welcome. 
  • We believe that rope is for every body.
  • Pleasure is political. We challenge our pre-conceptions in this space.
  • Community is essential for safety. We learn more when we learn together. 
  • Open hearts and open minds are welcome here. Treat others as you wish to be treated. 
  • We share this space out of joy and the pursuit of pleasure. 
  • Consent can be revoked at any time. 
  • We practice risk-aware consensual kink. 
  • We share information and experiences about safety freely.
  • We take responsibility for our mistakes. 

Non-negotiable Rules: 

  • Respect the space. Leave no trace - whatever you bring, take it back with you. 
  • Ego has no place here. Learn and share with humility. 
  • For group events, masks are required. For longer workshops, you will be provided with an N95 mask. 
  • No shoes. Keep underwear on at public events. Nipples may be free. 
  • Do not make unsolicited comments about anyone else's body.
  • Do not take any photos of anyone in attendance without consent. 
  • Do not reveal the identity of anyone you meet in the space once you leave. Many people prefer anonymity. 
  • Be discrete when moving through other parts of the premises . Clothes are optional in the space but not outside the door.

About the space:

  • The space is in an industrial building in Salt River with secure parking and 24/7 security.
  • The space is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible: it is up two flight of stairs.
  • The space is set up for rope, with floor-to-floor mats and hard points for suspension. 
  • There is a small store room available to store your personal belongings.

Additional information

Age restriction No under 18s
Refund policy Refunds allowed (view policy)


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