openSim Symposium 2021

Fri Oct 22, 08:00 - Fri Oct 22, 16:30
University of Pretoria, Engineering 4 Building


Theme: Telling stories with pictures

As engineers and scientists, we are not often accused of being passionate artists with a flair for the creative. That being said, some of our earliest pioneers were acutely aware of the value that art holds to explain complex concepts.

Although quill and parchment have given way to the mouse and keyboard, visual aids continue to play an important role in helping us to tell our stories. In the field of data visualisation, open-source software has played a notable role and, nowadays, there are various open-source tools to introduce color to our mathematical world.

We invite you to come and share with us examples of how you used open-source data visualisation tools to tell your story. This can be how you used

  • Jupyter Notebooks to weave a story for management;
  • Used Streamlit or Plotly Dash to derive insight through an interactive experience;
  • Leveraged Paraview or WebGL to break out of Flatland; or
  • Even how you have breathed new life into an old timer like Matplotlib.

Given the community focus of openSim, we have decided to allow each member ±15 min to share their story and then ample time for discussion. For those who would like 5 minutes to share an idea or a new find, we are also planning to have a dedicated slot for lighting talks.

If you have something to share please send us your topic, a two-liner description, as well as if you would like to do a full or lighting talk. Otherwise, please just join us for the day.

Although the best part of the day is the coffee breaks, we realise not everyone would be able to attend in person due to location or Covid. For that reason we are opting for the best of both worlds and we are having a hybrid event.

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openSim Symposium 2021
University of Pretoria, Engineering 4 Building
Koedoespoort 456-Jr, Pretoria, 0186
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