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Every surfer dreams to make it onto the World Championship Tour, unfortunately the reality is it's a hard grind to make it onto the pinnacle stage of competitive surfing as only the top 32 in the world each year get the opportunity to compete.

Being a South African makes the possibility of achieving this milestone that much tougher with a weak currency, long distances to travel to get to venues and a number of other obstacles standing in the way before you even get to the beach to put a contest vest on. This year has added expenses with certain covid protocols adding further unforeseen expenses to the budget.

Adin came agonizingly close in 2019 to qualifying for the World Championship Tour but with his ranking has made the invite list for the World Surf League Challenger Series - this is an invite only series with the best three out of four events counting towards qualification.

The four events are the US Open at Huntington Beach, California USA, the EDP Billabong Pro, Lisbon Portugal, the Quiksilver Pro France, Hossegor France and the Haleiwa Hawaiian Pro, O'ahu Hawaii. Adin has already written off Hawaii as the expense traveling to Hawaii and equipment needed is just too great to justify and is putting all his effort into the first three events in order to obtain the top 10 result finishes required.

Although backed by sponsors as well as some private donations, the added expenses of traveling during the covid pandemic have left Adin short in completing the three events within his budget. A more dedicated and driven athlete you will not find - fueled by a flame to succeed he has worked tirelessly to earn everything he has ever achieved. We are asking for any donations to assist with helping Adin to getting to the necessary events in order to have the best shot at qualifying and flying the South African flag on the World Championship Tour in 2022.

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