Promoting Resilience in Children and Families

Sat Sep 4, 09:00 - Sat Oct 2, 12:15
Online via Zoom


Promoting resilience in children and families, a four workshop series across two Saturdays mornings that will appeal to a broad range of professionals who work with children, families and young people. Each workshop will comprise a lecture followed by in-depth discussion where participants will bring situations from their own work settings.


Workshop 1: Looking at ourselves as child workers

Including questions such as: a conceptual framework and definitions of resilience as they apply to looking at ourselves; what is really therapeutic and what may be counter-therapeutic in the way we work? What is compassion fatigue and how do we prevent it?

Workshop 2: Promoting resilience in childhood - how is resilience internalized?

How is resilience internalized? Including concepts such as a Psychodynamic model of development, attachment theory dynamics and developmental pathways, healthy and pathogenic. Self reflective function, mentalisation and emotional self-regulation.

Workshop 3: Conversations with Parents and Couples

Ideas around the interface between parenting and partnering; and reducing coercive behaviour in couples and transgenerational parent-to-child strategies that carry risk for psychopathology in families, in contrast to patterns of communication that focus on well-being.

Workshop 4: Promoting resilience in schools and the wider community

The vital role that schools play in protecting child mental health. Questions such as: how does a school build a healthy culture and what role can we play in promoting this; and how does the school manage stigma and mental health issues? What place does child mental health have in our society?

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